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Best Women Solo Travel Destinations

While you wonder about your solo travel adventure, your friends and family are worried sick about your safety. The world is a wonderful place filled with marvels and excitement. At the same time, there are so many scary situations you could find yourself in. To ease your worries as those of your loved ones, we have listed down the safest places for women to travel by themselves.

Best and Safest Destinations for Women to Travel Solo

Melbourne, Australia

Australia as a whole is a very women friendly vacation destination for women and moms with kids. While you might have to take extra care when you visit the wilderness (there are more species of poisonous and venomous snakes and Spiders in the wild then in most places on Earth) you can feel at ease in the cities and enjoy the vibrant culture that Australia has to offer. One of the best cities for women to travel alone is Melbourne. The city is absolutely buzzing with excitement. There are plenty of urban hangouts where women can feel safe and truly let their hair down. Melbourne is also known for its excellent academic institutions so you will find a lot of young crowd there.

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Finland is ranked number 1 in terms of safety. Not just for women, but overall. It is one of the safest places you can dream of going. There are hardly any major crimes in Finland and petty crimes are also few and far between. It’s also one of the best places to view the northern lights. We all know you have that on your bucket list. The land of the midnight sun never sleeps and you can find plenty of fun things to do while you’re there. Make sure to pack for the freezing winters though because the temperatures can drop down quite drastically. If you’re travelling solo there are plenty of excellent hostels in the main cities that you should definitely consider staying at. They’re light on the wallet and completely safe as well.


Canadians are known for their friendliness and politeness. You’ll be surprised at how calm and apologetic they can get. Trust me when I say it can be quite a cultural shock to see someone apologize to you for bumping into them. Given their nature it’s pretty safe to assume that Canada is also a

safe holiday destination for women

While you enjoy their warm welcome in the relatively cold climate make sure to check out the amazing landscape and natural wonders that Canada has to offer. A trip to Niagara Falls would not be amiss. If you’re looking to book a international holiday for yourself and your family, get in touch with Smiles Holidays today.


If you’re visiting South America for the first time pick Uruguay as your choice of destinations. It has one of the lowest crime rates in all of South America, and the world. Enjoy the coastal belt with their unique seafood cuisine, the historical monuments and the stunning natural landscape that Uruguay has to offer.


This Emirati country is famous for all the right reasons. It is seen as one of the most progressive Islamic nations in the world. The royal family rules the state with quite a firm hand and that has seen rapid development like no other. The country is quite culturally advanced as well. Dubai is also a favourite holiday destination for women because of the largely popular shopping festival that takes place every year. It also has some of the best duty free items on sale at all times. You can now book your women’s travel club holiday with Smiles Holiday and receive the best offers for travelling.

Conclusion: While the world might not be entirely safe, it does offer some excellent holiday destinations for us to enjoy. If you are thinking about booking yourself a nice, cozy, and safe vacation please do get in touch with Smiles Holidays. After all, as women we know how to pick the best holidays for you. Get in touch with us today.