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Why Smiles Holidays

Smiles Holidays is one of the premier holiday booking agencies in Pune. We’ve built our reputation on providing world class holiday experiences for women and families. We understand the pain points of booking your holidays. Having to deal with holiday booking sites and travel agents that don’t really have an understanding of what people are looking for from their holidays. Our founders Sujata Dahad and Shweta Undre are frequent travellers themselves. With their guidance Smiles Holidays understands the requirements of women who love to travel. They’ve used their personal experiences to not only make your holidays livelier and more fun, but have overhauled the whole tour booking experience for the better.

Our core belief is providing “responsive tourism”. It’s the same guidelines the top tour booking companies all around the world follow. We ensure to make your holiday experience a fun one filled with memories for a lifetime. Even if you book a holiday to a destination that is extremely popular, we won’t make you feel like a tourist herded like cattle along with thousands of other travellers. We plan the best itineraries so you can explore the unexplored gems of every place you visit. With Smiles Holidays holiday bookings in Pune you can be assured of a relaxed, safe, and unbelievably unique holiday experience. While you’ll still experience all the treasures the holiday has to offer, you’ll also get more bang for your buck.

This world has plenty of memorable vacation spots for you to choose from. Just let us know where you’d like to go and when and we’ll take care of all the rest. We’ve not come to the top spot of holiday booking companies in Pune for nothing and we’re determined to stay there.

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