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Packing For A Winter Holiday – The Smiles Holidays Secrets

Packing for countries where you need warm clothing can be a struggle. Even before you begin the journey you feel the weight of the trip. Quite literally. Your bags will be stuffed with all the jackets, scarfs, and shawls making them cumbersome to carry around. It doesn’t need to be that way. If you follow these secret winter vacation packing trips from Smiles Holidays, you packing will be light as well as comfortable and warm

Tips To Pack For A Holiday In The Snow

Warm Caps

Believe it or not about 40% to 45% of your body heat is lost through the top of your head. Good headwear is absolutely essential when travelling to a cold place. Not just any cap will do though; there are certain conditions you need to remember before buying a hat for your travels.

  • It needs to cover your ears as well as your hair
  • It needs to have at least 2 layers. More the layers the warmer you’ll feel
  • Should be thin if you want to consider packing light. Some modern material are really good at keeping your hear warm
  • Should partly cover your neck if possible.

Now I know what you’re thinking, the money cap wasn’t your ideal fashion statement for your Instagram page. You can still find a hat that won’t ruin your look and the worst case you can always take it off for your photoshoots


Light but warm gloves are absolutely essential when it comes to packing light for the winter holidays. A good pair of gloves can literally save your life. Not to mention companies like Puma, Adidas, and Nike make some really fashionable gloves for their athletes which not only look amazing, but are also light weight and functional.

Thermal Undergraments

Scoff as much as you like but the best trick to packing light for a holiday to the cold Swiss Mountains is to buy plenty of thermal innerwear. You’ll need to pack a few depending on the duration of your holiday, but they are a must. Since you won’t be sweating much, how many you want to carry and how often you’ll replace them is completely up to you. No judgement here.

Light Jackets/ WindCheaters

Another excellent tip to packing light for your holiday is to carry a light jacket. Trust me on this. You see many people wearing those big fluffy coats with 4-5 layers that take up all the space in the bag. They’re quite unnecessary. Of course where you’re going is also a factor, but for temperatures between -3 to 10 deg Celsius a light jacket will do. Provided you also follow the tips mentioned above.

Heavy soled shoes

Most vacations I’ve been on in the winter I’ve carried my trust Nike’s with me. But they’re not adequate in all conditions. For instance if you have to walk in snow the Nike’s are a bad idea. They’ve been built for breathability as their main priority. To give your feet nice ventilation. Imagine the cold wind rushing at your exposed foot every time you take a step. So in this instance I definitely recommend something a little more rugged.

Conclusion The trick to staying warn in the winter is all to do with layers you’re wearing. On a typical day this is what I imagine you will wear; a nice, clean pair of underwear, thermal inners, a t-shirt or shirt/top, as per your preference, and the jacket. The same for your lowers as well, socks, underwear, thermals, pants. With all these layers surrounding your body you’re less likely to feel the biting cold of your holiday. At least we hope you don’t. If you’ve enjoyed reading our winter holiday packing tips, let us know on our Facebook Page, comment, and let us know what you think of our blog. If you’re looking to book a holiday to any winter wonderland, give Smiles Holidays a call. Your trusted tour booking company in Pune.