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Directors The woman traveller apparition is the impulse behind Smiles Holidays, a travel club that organizes all-women tours/trips the world over. It is the perfect solution for women who want to travel, explore the world, actually experience the saying ,’shop till u drop “ ,laugh like a “kid “, gossip like a “beee”, and most important spent time on “actual you “ for at least those days which only belongs to them/her.

In todays busy bee life, where a husband who is not just husband but a friend, who cannot prove "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed", even though he wants too ..but has become a slave of time and targets both, Kids who are not just kids but transformers or little spidermans whose lives are full of activities, and mothers acting like a web .. picking them up from this activity ..dropping them to another one and so on ..and women be it a respectable housewife or career oriented .. she requires some time for herself, where she can relax, rejuvenate herself gather all that energy required to perform all those supermoms activities and lead to healthy and happy family. Smiles Holidays helps you to achieve you so.

Smiles Holidays delivers well-planned women tours that include a balance of activities and leisure time along with carefully selected accommodations, knowledgeable guides, and a safe travel experience. The Smiles chaperone is always with the group and the feeling is similar to holidaying with a group of old friends.

Smiles Holidays is not a travel company or agency. It is an exclusive travel club for women, which schedules many interesting holidays every year. The Smiles mission is to “excel in the services” offered and mission is to” live up your dreams “. Smiles assures you a trouble free memorable holiday that will be remembered and treasured for ever. If this is what you have in mind, we warmly invite you to journey of unlimited travelexperiences with Smiles Holidays.

Thank You!
Sujata and Shweta