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Best Things To Do in Dubai - II

There are still many more places to be covered in Dubai which will attract you towards them. Lets take a quick look on some of them which are also covered up in the tour of Smile Holidays.

Dubai Holiday Tour Packages

Gold Souk

As the name itself describes the place, a gold market located in Dubai's commercial business district of Deira in Al Dhagaya locality. There are around 380+ retailers in the market from which most of them are in to the jewelry business. If you are planning to buy Gold, Deira Gold Souk is the best option to go with. Even don’t have any plans pf buying still Gold Souk is the place worth a visit.

Spice Souk

An traditional market who welcomes you with the different types of aroma which will totally rejuvenate you. You would find variety of spices with different colors and aromas, which are not always used for cooking but also some fragrance would be used for refreshments. Spice Souk is closely located to the Gold Souk in Deira. The market not only offers the variety of spices but also offers many different types of artifacts, household items, textile and much more.

Ferrari World

This is the first theme park in the world located in Abu Dhabi under the brand name Ferrari. People of every ages group are served with multiple options of rides. Also, the park holds the record of largest space frame structure build around the globe. If you are a ride lover this place is a just for you, as it has  Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster. This place is just heaven for the Ferrari brand fan, as you will just be surrounded by the red color all over with a horse

Miracle Garden

More than 50 million blooming flowers welcomes you at the Miracle Garden, which is located at Dubailand. Miracle Garden will surely leave you stunning and mesmerized once you visit it. It covers and area of over 72,000 sq. ft which is ultimately world’s largest natural flower garden. The garden consists of many pathways which are carved in different shapes and structures like heart shape, dome, butterfly and many more. One of the major attractions in the Miracle garden is the Butterfly Garden, a home for variety of species.

Bollywood Theme Park

World’s first ever Bollywood theme park which is totally dedicated to Indian film industry. This park has exceeded its limit to 1.7 million sq.ft of area on the grounds of United Arab Emirates. This huge park is prominently distinguished into 5 different segments like Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, Bollywood Film Studio. Each of the 5 zones have their own unique points which will surely give you the feel, as if roaming around the Mumbai streets in India.

I really think with this intro to places around Dubai, you would have got any idea about their specialties and information of specific locations. Hope you like the blog also your valuable comments and views are welcomed. Like your facebook page for regular updates about the blog