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Perfect Checklist For Your Family Vacation Planning

There are so many long weekends and holidays just around the corner. Now would be the perfect time for you to start your family vacation planning. However, getting everyone’s dates, finding the right accommodation and planning the entire trip yourself can be quite a headache. Luckily for you this family holiday planning checklist from Smiles Holidays can be of great help. It has everything you need to plan the most perfect memorable holiday for the entire family.

Family Holiday Planning Checklist

Make sure you tick off every item on the list to have the best holidays.

Deciding where to go

This could be the toughest part of your vacation planning. While the younger kids would love to do something adventurous the slightly mature crowd would love to do some sightseeing. Making the wrong choice could already spell doom for your vacation plans. Make a list of probable place and take a vote. It’s the easiest way of getting all the hate away from you in case things don’t go as per the plan.

Travel Plans

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to go you have to figure out how to get there. Making travel arrangements can be hard. Finding out the best most affordable means of travelling for your family is a must though. It’s times like this when you should definitely get the assistance of professionals like Smiles Holidays. Smiles Holidays is the number one holiday booking company in Pune which cater especially to women and families. They have vast experience in providing affordable holiday bookings for several years now.


Unless you have an unlimited supply of funds you’d do well to set a budget for your trip. Ideally everyday should have a set budget broken down into stay, food, and entertainment. People rarely realize how expensive eating out can get while you’re on a holiday.


In case you don’t have appropriate clothing for your holiday you better shop before you leave. For instance you’re travelling to someplace really cold and don’t have appropriate winter clothing you’d be better off getting some. We have a really good resource on packing for a winter holiday in case you’d like to know what you need to take along with you. Also if you’re visiting friends or family in a different country make sure to pack something for them as well. A kind gesture always counts.

Stopping Regular Services

Usually when we go on holiday we come back to find stacks of newspapers, old milk cartons, and various other items lying outside out door. Avoid it this time by taking preemptive action. Get in touch with all your suppliers and ensure that there will be no delivery for the time you’re away. You should also consider stopping your internet and cable services for the period as well. If you have any bills to pay consider paying them slightly in advance to avoid late payment fees. It also makes sense to stop all deliveries that might be coming during the period of your vacation.

Home Security

The last but certainly not the least on the checklist is to ensure that your home is properly secured. If you have security cameras make sure they’re operational. Make sure all the windows and doors have properly closing latches. Inform a few close friends or even your neighbours to keep an eye out on your property while you’re away.


Follow the checklist to make your holiday planning a little smoother, if that does not work get in touch with us. Travel planning can be hard, which is why there are so many travel booking agencies in Pune. Smiles Holidays is one of the most respected and well known travel bookings company in Pune.