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Tips To Find The Best Holiday Booking Company For Women In Pune

If you try to find travel booking companies in Pune, you’ll have to sift through more than 1,00,000 options. That’s just in Pune. Very few of them are specifically targeted towards women and families. Smiles Holidays publishes tips to help you find the best holiday booking company in Pune . Especially those holiday booking companies in Pune that are focused on helping women and families to travel. Use these tips to help make your holiday planning experience special.

How To Pick The Best Tour Booking Company For You Holidays

Check For References

The best way of finding the tour booking company of your dreams is to look for references from your family and friends. Chances are if your family members have had a good travelling experience with a certain company they’re definitely going to recommend them to you. Word of mouth is a strong marketing signal especially for experiential companies like holiday booking sites.

Social Media

Travel booking companies have gotten really good at social media marketing . But you need to understand the difference between companies that provide real life changing experiences and those that are just good at marketing themselves on social media. Looking at their reviews on social media is a good way to check for yourself if you would like to get in contact with a certain tour booking company or not.

Google My Business Reviews

Usually when you’re looking for holiday booking companies you’ll find a lot of search results on Google. You need to check for their reviews on their Google Page as well. Google is a extremely good resource when it comes to providing relevant and reliable information. Companies with a rating or 4.5 and above are usually reliable although you should also pay attention to what is being said in the reviews. If you find that a lot of reviews are just blank with a rating they could be faked. So don’t trust this medium entirely.

Feel Free To Look Around

Your holiday needs might differ and you might not always find the best tour package you’re looking for in one location. Don’t hesitate to look around and ask for various packages from multiple tour booking agencies in Pune. This can also put you in a very good position to negotiate with the company that you liked the most.

Look For Specialist In The Area You Need

These days holiday experiences have become very diversified. There are adventure holidays, romantic holidays/ honeymoon packages have always been popular. Some people even plan shopping holidays. There are several top travel agencies in Pune that specialize in some of these holiday packages. Smiles Holidays specializes in planning holidays for women and families. Be it adventure tourism, shopping holidays, Indian festival tourism Smiles Holidays plans specialized holidays for women.

Look For Certifications

Another important aspects of finding the right holiday booking company in Pune is to make sure your travel booking company has all the right certifications. They should be certified from the following Travel Associations.

TAAI -The Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI)
ETAA : Enterprising Travel Agent's Association, (ETAA),
IATO : The Indian Association of Tour Operators
If you are finding agent in Pune ,
then look for TAAP :Travel Association In Pune

These associations are regulatory bodies that validate travel booking companies in India. If your travel booking company is not a part of at least one of these associations, beware, as it may be a trap and your hard earned money could be at risk. Travel booking companies need to complete a lot of formalities and documentation to be awarded the certification to continue with their work in India. You should only go with a certified travel booking company.


We hope these tips help you find the travel agency of your choice in Pune. While we’re at it, Smiles Holidays is one such renowned company being run by Sujata Dahad and Shweta Undre, two of the most respected women travellers in India in their own right. Under their leadership Smiles Holidays has progressed as the number one holiday booking company in India for women travellers. Looking to plan your next holiday? Get in touch today.