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How To Save Costs While Travelling Abroad

For many travelling on a foreign holiday remains just a dream. The costs are too high and the holiday seems unaffordable. However, there are quite a few things you can do even before your holiday has begun to reduce your travel expenditure. Here are some excellent tips to save money when booking an international holiday.

Tips To Save Money On An International Holiday

Pick A Reliable International Travel Booking Agency

Choosing the right tour booking company is the first wise step you can take towards saving on an international holiday. Smiles Holidays is one of the most reputed travel booking company in Pune that helps women travellers, and families fulfill their touristy ambitions. The right holiday booking agency can help you find the right deals on flights, hotels, and even tourist attractions. They know their business inside out and can go a long way in shaving some costs towards your holiday.

Book Your Holiday at least 2 Months In Advance

The reason we say this because international flight tickets are at their cheapest when you book the flights at least 7 - 9 weeks before the departure date. Your travel booking company can also help you get additional discounts on flight tickets by using their personal relationship with the airline company. In case you're interested in your holiday but the plans are not completely sure, you can always book a flight ticket that offers refunds. That way, even if you have to cancel your flight you don't have to suffer a complete loss.

Budget Hotels And Hostels Are Just As Good

Many people tend to believe that when they're on holiday they have to stay in a 5 star or 7 star accommodation. They don't realize that the bulk of their spending is on accommodation itself. Furthermore, lately budget hotels and hostels provide the same amount of comfort that many of the larger chains provide. Smiles Holidays, the best travel booking company in Pune, has tie-ups with several 3 star hotels around the world. You will stay in the lap of luxury and it won't hit your pocket too hard either.

Buy A Sim Card From Your Destination

If you're travelling with your kids and your husband/family is at home they will want a convenient way to stay in touch. Rather than buying international roaming for your number, purchase a sim card from your holiday destination. You only need to provide your passport as documentation and the tariffs are far favourable as compared to your roaming tariff. You'll end up saving quite a large sum depending on how many days you plan to spend abroad.

Get Travel insurance

Many of us don't believe in travel insurance. I mean who ever loses their bags right? However, if you plan on carrying a lot of electronic equipment with you, expensive cameras, laptops, we really recommend you get a travel insurance as quickly as possible. Not only does it cover damage to your property, but also, theft, and loss while you're travelling.

Currency Exchange Counters

Unfortunately not a lot of locations accept Indian Rupees while doing the currency exchange. Always make sure to carry a few hundred dollars when you're travelling abroad. It is a pretty strong currency and the price fluctuates very little. Even if it does, it only works in your favour. Also, whenever possible exchange currency in your holiday destination rather than at the domestic airport. The rates are far favourable to you at the destination of your choice.

Conclusion We really hope you enjoyed these tips. If you know of any great ways to save some money on your travels we'd love to know your tips. Like our Facebook Page, comment, and let us know what you think of our blog. If you're thinking of planning a holiday, please get in touch with the expert holiday booking agents at Smiles Holidays.