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Best Tourist Destinations For November

As the year moves to a close a large part of the country falls into a cold wave. While some may enjoy the weather, others can't wait to get away. November is the month most people plan to take their vacations as it also coincides with Diwali vacations. If you're one of those people looking for a international break in November, you've come to the right place. We're going to list out the 5 best places to visit when India get's too chilly to handle.

Best International Holiday Destinations In November

1) Australia Number one on our list is the continent-country of Australia. Known for its excellent natural beauty and a life of thrilling adventure, Australia is one of the best holiday destinations to visit in November. Not only do you get excellent weather, the sights are a marvel. If you are used to the India summers, the weather in Australia during November will actually be pleasant for you. You can walk around in those new dresses you've just purchased but never had the opportunity to wear, or you could laze around by the pool in your swimsuit with no one to bother you. 2) Greece Being close to the sea give Greece the perfect climate almost all through the year. However, in November, the country really lights up. Especially in Athens where it's cool enough to wander aimlessly looking at the multitude of sights. Visit the acropolis, the parthenon and don't forget to take some stellar photos against the best backdrops you could fins anywhere on Earth. 3) Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Indians and with good reason. It's not too far away to take hours of flight time and it's even okay for a quick jaunt to the country. The island nation is beautiful in every way. The cities are clean, ordered, and relatively peaceful, while the suburbs are bristling with greenery and life. Singapore is also a favorite shopping destination for many women in India. Smiles Holidays usually has a ton of requests from women all over the country to help them book a shopping spree in Singapore? Would you like to give it a go yourself? 4) Malaysia Another popular holiday destination in November is Malaysia. With its pristine beaches and varied landscape Malaysia makes for an exciting holiday destination all through the year. While visiting Malaysia please be sure to visit the Petronas Towers, once the tallest buildings in the world. Or if you seek more of nature, you can even visit the dense tropical rainforest nestled in the heart of the tiny island nation. 5) Marrakesh While Marrakesh may not have any beaches, you still have plenty to do while enjoying the generous warm climate. The islamic architecture is sublime and a feast for the eyes. The street food is quite unique and the local markets are a shoppers dream. The temperature is quite cool without feeling the chill. If you need more suggestions on the best place to holiday in November, or you're looking for a holiday booking service that knows how to satisfy your every demand, get in touch with Smiles Holidays Pvt Ltd. We are a company that is fully committed to providing the best holiday for women. Get in touch today.