Women's Special

Our Women Tour programs are specifically designed and tailored for female travelers. We have added all the perfect touches for a safe and enjoyable tour. From single ladies in their 30s to women who have spent years raising children, managing their home or building a successful career. We travel in small groups with like-minded women, on itineraries specially designed and tailored for female travelers.

Women travel together to rejuvenate themselves. The group of like-minded women creates a space where laughter, fun and open communication begins. These enthusiastic women join in together and enjoy our on tour activities as attending cultural performances, adventure activity, shopping, Visiting a spa. Women travel together in groups as our women only tours are safe, easy-going, non-competitive, and stress free. When women travel together with other women they there is no one else they have to take care of, except themselves. When women travel with other women they overcome their fears, let go off their inhibitions, and allow themselves to be truly free and thus treat themselves like fairy tales…

 Smiles Holidays-Dubai Shopping Festival NEW

Dubai Shopping Festival

It is not only about Shopping, but this festival is about sports & adventure, art & shows, multi cuisines from all across the world, get together of people across world & just & only happiness.

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Smiles Holidays-Singapore-mom with Kid-1 NEW

Singapore - Mom with Kid

Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Indians. It is famous for food, Art, Culture, Theme parks, gardens & all. It is a perfect blend of fun, adventure & education activities.

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Smiles Holidays-Divine-Bali NEW


One of the most visited tourist destination in the world, Bali is favorite among Indian tourists due to low package costs, low air fares & unique culture

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Smiles Holidays-Europe–Greece & Greek Island NEW


Greece, one of the top most visited Countries in Europe is known for sunny beaches & tasty cuisines.

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 Smiles Holidays-Thailand NEW

Thailand with Phuket

Thailand, the country in South East Asia is no wonder a famous tourist destination for all tourists of the world.

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Smiles Holidays-Rajasthan NEW


Padharo Mharo Des!! It is the tag line of Rajasthan Tourism Board, & no doubt people of Rajasthan are very friendly & caring.

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Smiles Holidays-Leh Ladakh NEW


Leh Ladakh is blessed with a fresh air & natural beauty. It is a paradise for adventure activists since it provides many adventure activities such as trekking, biking, hiking etc.

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